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Payments Solutions Modelling

Whether you are big or small, a start-up or an existing business, we have a knowledge factory that can help define your payments solutions and provide a sustainable product to serve your business or community

Conceptualise, Define, Model, Build

We are Beyond Pure Strategic Consulting


Payments Processing

Give your customers the experience they deserve by providing them with an innovative cloud based digital payments processing platform integrated to omnichannels 

Issuing, Acquiring, eWallets, Remittances, e-Loyalty, e-Vending VAS


Analytics & Transactional Growth

We provide analytical data insights to drive customer retention and transaction growth and diversify your revenue streams through cross functional selling opportunities.

Data, Analysis, Report

About our Company

Open Xchange Africa is a 100% Black owned African Digital Payments Company providing a World Leading, Locally Developed Technology Platform for all your Local, Regional and  Pan African Payment Solutions.

Payments Processing, 

e-Vending, Value Added Services (VAS),  Software as a Service (SAAS)

We offer this to:

 Financial Institutions, Retail Houses, SME’s, Communities and Government Agencies including Central Banks. 

No matter what your business size, our Digital Payments platform is Secure and Scalable, with the Agility to support your Local, Regional or Pan African payments requirements. 


We Shape the Perfect Solutions for your Business

As a Payments Solutions and Fintech company and through our strategic collaborations and partnerships, aimed at value creation, we offer low cost innovative digital payments operating models either as modularised or as a single payments platform. You will have the ability to either choose a customised or an off the shelf payment and product solutions, thus saving you time and money.   

Our multi currency payments platform is cloud-based operating within an agile integrated ecosystem for:

Card or Virtual Issuing, Merchant Acceptance and  Acquiring, Domestic and Cross Border Remittance Payments with Digital e-Wallets, Loyalty and Digital Voucher Generation.

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Our Services

We know Payments 

With over 35 years payments experience, let us help you plan and build your payment solutions. 

Payment Solutions Modelling
Let us help you capture opportunities in a fast changing  environment. Our breadth of expertise will help you develop payment product responses to a rapidly changing payments landscape.
Our feature rich, multi-faceted and secure private cloud based processing platform will empower your consumers with access to a comprehensive range of both financial and e-vending products and services. International and domestic cards issuing.

An end to end merchant services solution. You can rely on us to deliver the highest standards of availability, security and flexibility.

Multi-currency, multi-channel, multi-tenant and multi-lingual.

Merchant Acceptance
Our SoftPoS solution is a revolutionary new technology which allows merchants to accept card payments directly onto their phone or mobile devices without the need for any additional hardware.
Mutli-channel consumer and merchant engagement for self-onboarding. Directly interfaced to our processing platform for  cross-border and domestic remittance payments.
Redefine your mobile payments on a digital banking platform. Boost your presence through our secure cashless  payment solution. Allow your consumers and communities to pay, send, receive, transact and manage their money. 
e-Vending VAS
Extend your consumer accessibility to various goods and services from their mobile device and thus diversifying you product set and in turn increasing your revenue.
Loyalty and Rewards
Our loyalty and rewards fulfilment solution offers you the ability to boost your customer retention through easy to use campaign management, accompanied by extensive analytical data reporting. 

We Help Businesses
To Achieve Their Goals

To partner, work together to drive change and build sustainable products and services for all sectors within the financial services industry.

Our Vision

Fostering socio-economic development by empowering you to deliver product and services to both the unbanked and underbanked thus bringing about financial inclusion within emerging and developing markets.


Developing and Facilitating Payment Solutions is at the Heart of What We Do

The OXA platform technology stack through our partners, enables business' customers particularly in emerging and developing sectors to digitally communicate, contract and transact with various financial service providers including banks, merchants and suppliers wherever they are.

Our focus is on creating frictionless interactions for consumers in the payments value chain with an emphasis on the creation of an open payments ecosystem, accessible by all whether banked, underbanked or unbanked.

Commercial Modelling
Payments Processing
Transactional Growth

Meet our Expert Team

Open Xchange Africa's Executive Team has over thirty five years of experience within the Payments Industry

Estevao Tokata




Patrick Kadalie